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NinjaPipe’s dedicated “Marketing” section is prominently featured at the top of the dashboard. This specialized area empowers users with tools designed to enhance marketing strategies and data management. Let’s explore the two key sections under Marketing:


Under Marketing, the “Forms” section is a dynamic tool for efficient data collection and management. This feature allows users to create, customize, and manage forms tailored to their marketing needs. Whether you’re gathering customer feedback, conducting surveys, or collecting leads, Forms on NinjaPipe streamlines the data collection process, providing a user-friendly and organized approach to managing crucial marketing information.

Data Bins:

Another integral component of NinjaPipe’s Marketing section is the “Data Bins” feature. This functionality provides users with a structured and organized way to manage and store marketing-related data. Whether it’s customer information, campaign data, or other crucial marketing assets, Data Bins ensures that your marketing data is easily accessible, searchable, and well-organized.

By incorporating the Marketing section into the NinjaPipe dashboard, the platform extends its utility beyond project management and communication. It caters specifically to the needs of marketing professionals, offering a space for collaboration and efficient data management. The Forum encourages a sense of community, fostering discussions that can lead to valuable insights, while Data Bins provide a structured approach to managing marketing data, contributing to a more organized and streamlined marketing workflow. As you explore NinjaPipe’s Marketing section, you’ll find a suite of tools tailored to enhance your marketing efforts and support the success of your campaigns.

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