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Navigating and optimizing your workflow is made simple with NinjaPipe’s AI Tools, specifically the Workflow feature. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create and manage your workflow efficiently:

1. Accessing AI Tools:

Once you log in, head to the dashboard and locate the AI Tools section. Click on it to reveal the available tools, and select “Workflow.

2. Creating a Workflow:

Click on “Create Workflow” to initiate the workflow creation process. Provide a name and description for your workflow to give it context and clarity.

3. Workflow Initialization:

After naming and describing your workflow, click “Create.” The system will then generate your workflow, and a guide video will pop up to provide additional assistance during the loading process.

4. Workflow Sections:

Your workflow is divided into three key sections:

  • Triggers: Define when you want your workflow to run. For instance, you can set triggers for sending emails based on specific conditions.
  • Actions: Create various actions, such as classes, that will be executed as part of your workflow.
  • Conditions: Set conditions to guide the workflow’s decision-making process.

5. Credit Balance Monitoring:

Keep an eye on your credit balance, visible in the right-side bottom corner. This balance is crucial for actions like sending emails and SMS. Each tenant has a credit limit, and when your balance approaches zero, you won’t be able to send further SMS or emails.

6. Top-Up Credit Balance:

To ensure uninterrupted communication, you can top up your credit balance by clicking “Top Up.” This action initiates a payment process specifically for emails and SMS.

NinjaPipe’s Workflow feature empowers users to streamline and automate processes effectively. By providing a user-friendly interface for creating workflows, setting triggers, and monitoring credit balances, NinjaPipe ensures that users can enhance their project management experience with intelligent automation and seamless communication.

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