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Conditions in NinjaPipe’s workflow bring a nuanced layer to your project management, allowing you to tailor actions based on specific criteria. Understanding the intricacies of conditions is key to optimizing the functionality of your workflow. Let’s explore the five sections under Conditions and how they enhance your automation capabilities:

1. Value Greater Than:

  • This condition allows you to filter contacts or deals based on a specified value. For instance, if you set a condition where the value is greater than a certain threshold, you can send emails or SMS to contacts whose birthdays fall on a specific date.

2. Value Less Than:

  • Similar to the “Value Greater Than” condition, this section enables you to filter contacts or deals based on a value that is less than a specified threshold. It’s a flexible tool for refining your target audience for various actions.

3. Value Equal:

  • The “Value Equal” condition filters contacts or deals based on equality to a specific value. This precise condition ensures that actions are triggered only for contacts or deals that match the specified criteria.

4. Value Not Equal:

  • In contrast to the “Value Equal” condition, this section filters out contacts or deals that do not match a specified value. It provides a way to exclude certain entities from triggering specific actions.

5. Delay:

  • The “Delay” section introduces a temporal element to your workflow. When you add a delay card, you can postpone the execution of triggers. For example, if your time-based trigger executes every day, adding a delay card can shift the trigger to activate every other day.

Understanding how to use these conditions effectively allows you to fine-tune your workflow based on specific criteria, ensuring that actions are executed with precision. Whether you’re filtering contacts based on values, delaying triggers, or implementing equality conditions, NinjaPipe’s Conditions feature empowers you to create workflows that adapt to the dynamic needs of your projects.

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