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Create Deals

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Effortlessly manage your sales opportunities with NinjaPipe’s straightforward “Create Deal” feature. Designed to streamline the process of adding and tracking deals, this tool ensures that users can efficiently organize their sales efforts. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create and manage deals within the NinjaPipe platform:

1. Accessing the Sales Section:

Upon logging in, locate the “Sales” section at the top of the dashboard. Click on it to reveal the subcategories, and select “Deals” to navigate to the Deals page.

2. Initiating Deal Creation:

On the Deals page, find and click on the “Create Deal” option. A form will promptly appear on the left side of the screen, ready for you to input the necessary information.

3. Filling in Deal Information:

Complete the form by adding essential details:

  • Deal Name:

Provide a descriptive name for your deal.

  • Deal Information:

Input relevant information about the deal, such as description, start date, end date, and any other pertinent details.

  • Contacts:

Associate contacts with the deal, linking it to the individuals involved.

4. Completing Deal Creation:

Once you’ve added all the required information, click on “Create Deal.” Your deal is now successfully created and integrated into the NinjaPipe system.

5. Viewing and Managing Deals:

Navigate to the Deals page to view a comprehensive list of your deals. Here, you can track the status, progress, and details of each deal.

6. Managing Deal Associations:

On the Deals page, you have the flexibility to add or edit contacts associated with a deal. This ensures that your deal information stays up-to-date and accurately reflects your sales interactions.

NinjaPipe’s “Create Deal” feature provides a seamless and user-friendly process for managing sales opportunities. Whether you’re initiating a new deal, updating deal information, or managing associated contacts, this tool streamlines the sales process, ensuring that users can efficiently organize and track their deals within the NinjaPipe platform.

Create Deals Mobile Version – Android

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