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Quick Access Menu

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NinjaPipe’s user-friendly interface offers a quick and efficient way to access a myriad of features through the convenient “Quick Access” menu. Placed prominently on the left side of the dashboard, this tool allows users to navigate seamlessly and access essential functions with just a click. Let’s explore the diverse features available through the Quick Access menu:


Stay organized and on top of your schedule by clicking on the “Calendar” option. NinjaPipe’s calendar feature provides a visual overview of your upcoming events and tasks, ensuring that you never miss a deadline or important meeting.

Quotes and Invoices:

Manage your financial transactions effortlessly by navigating to “Quotes and Invoices” through Quick Access. This feature allows users to generate quotes, and invoices, and track payments with ease, streamlining the billing process.


Access your contacts swiftly by clicking on the “Contacts” option in Quick Access. Whether you need to add new contacts, import them in bulk, or simply view your existing network, NinjaPipe’s contact management is just a click away.


Simplify data collection and streamline processes with the “Forms” feature. By utilizing Quick Access, users can effortlessly create, customize, and manage forms, facilitating efficient data gathering for various purposes.


Tailor your project workflows by clicking on “Pipelines” through Quick Access. This feature enables users to create, customize, and manage pipelines, ensuring that projects progress seamlessly from start to finish.


Monitor and track your business opportunities by accessing the “Deals” feature. With a single click through Quick Access, users can stay informed about new deals, manage ongoing negotiations, and make data-driven decisions.

NinjaPipe’s Quick Access lies in its simplicity and accessibility. Users can effortlessly navigate through various features without the need for extensive menu searches. This intuitive approach enhances the overall user experience, allowing individuals and teams to focus on their tasks and projects with efficiency and ease. As you explore the Quick Access menu, you’ll discover a wealth of tools at your fingertips, ready to elevate your productivity within the NinjaPipe platform.

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