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Understanding and utilizing triggers in your NinjaPipe workflow adds a layer of automation to your project management processes. Triggers serve as the catalysts for actions and conditions, making your workflow more dynamic and responsive. Let’s delve into the various aspects of triggers within the NinjaPipe platform:

1. Trigger on Time:

In the “Triggers” section, you have the option to set triggers based on time. You can define the frequency, such as daily or on a specific date. When creating a workflow with a time trigger, it’s crucial to attach contacts or deals to enable actions and conditions.

2. When Contact Added:

This trigger activates actions when a new contact is added. For example, if you set an action to send an email, it will be triggered when a contact is created using the contact section.

3. New Deal Added:

Similar to the contact trigger, this activates actions when a new deal is added. The associated contact from the deal will determine which actions are triggered, such as sending emails or SMS.

4. New Task:

Actions under this trigger will be activated when a new task is created. For instance, creating a task may trigger an email notification to keep you informed.

5. Task Completed:

This trigger is linked to task completion. When a sub-task is marked as completed, actions associated with this trigger will be activated, providing notifications or triggering specific actions.

6. Data Bin:

Data Bins allow you to collect and manage customer details effectively. By creating a link to the Data Bin in your customer detail forms, you can seamlessly add customer details to the specified Data Bin.

7. On Pipeline Card Moved:

This new feature lets you trigger actions when a pipeline card is moved from one section to another. For example, moving a card from “In Progress” to “Pending Customer Report” can trigger specific actions associated with that card.

8. On Pipeline Card Updated:

This feature allows you to trigger actions when details on a pipeline card are updated. Whether it’s changing dates or modifying any details, associated contacts on the card will be triggered based on the updated information.

mastering triggers in NinjaPipe’s workflow ensures that your project management processes become more automated and responsive. By setting up triggers based on time, contact or deal-related activities, task management, and pipeline card movements, you can create workflows that adapt to your dynamic project requirements.

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